Performance characteristics of Teflon Skived Film

    With the continuous increase of world's industrial demand for engineering plastics, Teflon Skived Film has been widely used in the chemical industry due to its superior performance advantages. In short, Teflon film is a vinyl polymer, which is obtained by addition polymerization of vinyl fluoride. So what are the performance characteristics of Teflon Skived Film that have been favored by people? Let's introduce it to everyone.

    Because Teflon Skived Film has excellent flexibility and excellent resistance to flexion, these properties can be maintained over a wide temperature range without losing its original chemical resistance. Put it in solvents, acids and alkalis, and even cook in strong acids and alkalis without losing the strength of the film. Teflon Skived Film has a low water vapor permeability and a low vapor permeability to air and most organic substances (except for esters and ketone organic compounds). Teflon Skived Film has good electrical insulation performance, and both the dielectric constant and volume resistivity are relatively high.

    The Teflon Skived Film is usually manufactured by the solution casting method, and the obtained Teflon Skived Film is transparent. To extrude into a film, stabilizers and extrusion aids must be added. Another outstanding property of Teflon Skived Film is its sweetness, resistance to light degradation, which can maintain its clarity and flexibility for a long time, and still maintain good performance, pollution resistance and abrasion resistance in the open air for decades. Teflon Skived Film is generally heat sealed by pulse or dielectric method. Teflon Skived Film can be printed or embossed for decoration.

    The performance characteristics of Teflon Skived Film are shared here today. Teflon Skived Film also has the advantages of the most significant anti-voltage strength and breakdown voltage. Can be used for capacitor dielectric, wire insulation, electrical instrument insulation, sealing gaskets, etc.



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